The best (and worst) new singles: Two Door Cinema Club, Bill Callahan and more

The best (and worst) new singles: Two Door Cinema Club, Bill Callahan and more

Two Door Cinema Club
Two Door Cinema Club
Words by Augustus Welby

An indie favourite re-emerges after three years.

Jade Imagine – ‘Big Old House’

It’s hard to dislike a song that begins with the line, “I sent you a picture of a cat/To cheer you up”. Jade Imagine have finally released a follow-up to 2017’s What the Fuck Was I Thinking EP. ‘Big Old House’ illustrates the Melbourne band’s knack for producing laidback, calming music with stirring emotional substance. There’s a psychedelic veneer, radiating pulse, and a dash of philosophical optimism.

Label: Milk! Records

Bill Callahan – ‘Writing’

Writing lyrics about the songwriting process could be deemed a self-indulgent act, but Bill Callahan offers a compelling take on the subject. The American songwriter’s effortless poeticism isn’t shrinking with age: “Clear water flows from my pen/I’m stuck in the high rapids as night closes in/It feels good to be singing again.” During the song’s central hook, he wonders “Where have all the good songs gone?” It’s all right Bill, you can stop looking now.

Label: Drag City/Spunk

Nadia Tehran – ‘Come & Go’

The name Nadia Tehran mightn’t be a giveaway, but the Stockholm songwriter’s music reveals her Scandinavian ties. ‘Come & Go’ possesses many hallmarks of Swedish electronic pop, as Tehran’s experimental tendencies don’t override the song’s penetrating melodiousness. It’s an endearing introduction to Tehran, who’s of Iranian descent. Her debut LP Dozakh: All Lovers Hell is out now.

Label: YEAR0001

Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Dirty Air’

Two Door Cinema Club continue their partnership with U2 producer Jacknife Lee. Much like Lee’s recent work with Bono and co., ‘Dirty Air’ is harmless, family friendly pop rock. The Northern Irish trio sound less like a group of Phoenix impersonators than on their early-noughties triple j favourites, however, without this identifier, they also sound more forgettable. 

Label: Prolifica Inc.