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The Baudelaires


Could you tell us a bit about Musk Hill, and how it came to be? Musk Hill is a nine-track album featuring the tunes we’d been working on and playing live since the release of our Be a Baudelaire EP in 2014. We released Musk Hill in November, but this Friday we are celebrating the arrival of the black wax by hitting the stage.

What are the best and worst bits of playing in a studio, in contrast to playing live? It can be similar in both settings. When it’s going well, it’s great and when it’s not, it can suck. We like to not bore people too much by playing the same eight songs every gig. Bringing the tunes we work so hard on in the studio to the live stage is what it’s all about.

Have you ever played a show that was a total disaster?  We had a headline slot at Sooki Lounge a few years ago. Ben and Blair had a gig with their other band the night before and hadn’t exactly rested up effectively. It went as bad as you’d imagine; no songs were finished, Blair couldn’t hold his sticks and Ben tried to fight someone who was encouraging us to get off the stage.

What’s your favourite part of playing music? Hanging out and playing tunes with your best pals, going to a bar to play a gig instead of going to work, travelling around, seeing new places and meeting new people. The oldest cliché in the book.