Thank God It’s Monday Free Gigs

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Thank God It’s Monday Free Gigs


Sex! Now that we have your attention, free gigs!

As part of a new series titled Thank God It’s Monday, Gypsy & The Cat will play a free gig at The Tote on Monday December 13.

As it turns out, Carlton Draught do more than make the beer that is the cheapest on tap wherever I’m out drinking. They’re putting on a nationwide series of free gigs apparently aimed at those working in the hospitality industry who miss weekend gigs due to work commitments.

Other bands playing in the series (but in other cities) include Cloud Control, Hungry Kids Of Hungry and Bluejuice. Here’s hoping some of those bands and more make their way down south for a free gig one Monday in December or early 2011.

Pretend you work in that cafe on Brunswick Street and get yourself on the doorlist for free entry. Head to the Facebook page here.