Superorganism : Superorganism

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Superorganism : Superorganism


The eight-piece collective includes artists stemming from all corners of the globe to create a unique sound that is willing to experiment.

Superorganism is sample heavy and doesn’t shy away from the fact. Impulsive cuts jump in and out of tracks and catch your attention with a jolt. Car horns, water splashes and frog croaks are just some of the erratic noises that make their way onto the album. Several tracks contain lengthy spoken word samples, most notably on ‘It’s All Good’ which features an excerpt from motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Warping and contortion of these sounds play into the artificial essence of Superorganism. The album is so synthetic, so exceedingly unnatural that it oozes with technological muck.

Themes of vanity and digitalism are present throughout. Still, the group maintain a pop energy.  Lead single ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’ is a crispy electropop tune that one can’t help bob their head to. Vocalist Orono Noguchi goes about each track with a nonchalant disposition, and pulls it off. Her smooth voice exudes cool, particularly on tracks like ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D’ and ‘Nobody Cares’.