Subtle Tea | Hard Iced Tea: From dancefloor epiphany to reality

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Subtle Tea | Hard Iced Tea: From dancefloor epiphany to reality

Subtle Tea

Inspiration can strike in the unlikeliest of places. For Melbourne-based Entrepreneur Sammy Griggs, it was on a festival dance floor where her vision for Subtle Tea came to her.

Griggs had been concocting her vodka iced tea recipe for years, as she struggled to find pre-mixed drinks that aligned with her lifestyle choices. “I love a social drink, but I’ve made a conscious effort to steer clear of artificial additives – and I was tired of compromising” – says Griggs. “I gave up sugary drinks long ago, but I found sweeteners and flavour enhancers didn’t sit right either. And the weird aftertaste is a nope from me.”

On a scorching 40-degree day at a music festival, Griggs had an epiphany “I was sipping on my homemade Hard Iced Tea, and I had a revelation. I could clearly see a gap in the market for a fresh, tasty pre-mixed drink without any hidden additives.”

“The whole thing suddenly came to me – all of the branding, even down to the fine details of the can label design – it was so clear in my head what I wanted to do,” says Griggs. “I came back from the festival, quit my corporate job, and threw myself into bringing my vision to life. I had no idea where to begin, it was pretty terrifying quitting my job like that, but I felt so strongly this was something I wanted to put my whole self into and see where it went.”

Griggs interest in entrepreneurship started early on in life. Sammy’s father, Russell Griggs, was the former owner of the Terminus Hotel in North Fitzroy, as well as a few other well-known Melbourne pubs and nightclubs, this gave her first-hand exposure to the world of hospitality business.

“I grew up with my family running venues, even living above one of the pubs as a teenager. It was pretty fun, and it also gave me a unique insight into the ups and downs of the industry and how much is involved”

Successfully launching her first batch last Summer, Griggs saw instant success as Subtle Tea proved to be a crowd-pleaser. Almost selling out her initial batch, she realised the need to scale up production. However, maintaining quality proved costly.

“I insist on using 100% Real Cold-brewed tea, real fruit, no preservatives, and nothing artificial.” Griggs emphasizes. “This commitment has brought unique challenges and costs that have added up. Combined with minimum order quantities, I’ve faced a funding shortfall.”

Determined to maintain the integrity of her product and uphold her commitment to quality, Griggs has launched a crowdfunding campaign for pre-sale of her scaled batch, aiming to secure the vital bridging funds needed to reach her goal.

In just the first week of her 30-day campaign, she’s raised 40% of her total and is calling out for help to cross the finish line.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the support I’ve received so far, I’d love to share Subtle Tea with even more of you. Every contribution counts, even sharing my campaign with your friends means the world to me.

“And don’t worry, there’s no empty hands when it comes to Subtle Tea. I’ve got great reward packages for backers – including first tastes of my fresh batch and heaps more!”

Subtle Tea comes in Blood Orange, Apple, Watermelon and Mint, and Lemon. Crafted with 100% real Cold-brewed Tea and Real fresh Fruit – you’ll truly taste the authentic flavour.  This lightly caffeinated beverage provides a pleasant slow-release energy boost without the jitters of coffee, all packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.

Griggs is already well underway researching her next exciting flavours, and she is bursting with enthusiasm for the future of Subtle Tea and its potential.

“I’ve invested so much to get to this point, and I have big plans for the future. I never considered myself a creative person, but coming up with the branding and developing my recipe has brought out a creativity I didn’t know I had!” says Griggs.

“We’re navigating through some uncertain times at the moment. I wanted my brand to feel approachable and nostalgic, to bring back warm memories of good times” Griggs adds.

“Watching Subtle Tea come to life and seeing the overwhelming support from my community, has truly made it all worth it.

“I can’t wait to crack a Subtle Tea with you when I reach my goal!”

If Sammy’s story resonates with you and you’d like to get involved, head to her campaign to watch her video with the full story here.

For updates and to join in on the fun, follow her Instagram! @subtletea.australia 

This article was made in partnership with Subtle Tea.