The best croissants in Melbourne

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The best croissants in Melbourne

best croissants Melbourne

Tivoli Road Bakery

Not only is Tivoli Road Bakery’s interior worth drooling over, their croissants are the real deal. Using only organic flour, the bakery crew prides themselves on their freshlybaked pastries. Grab one of their classic croissants, best served warm with butter, jam and a cup of Small Batch Roasters coffee on the side.

3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra

Der Partisan

Baked fresh every morning using unbleached flours and hand crafted to light and flaky perfection, Der Partisan definitely know their way around a good croissant. Don’t forget to try their delicious Wild Timor coffee. Plus, you’ll receive a discount if you bring your own reusable cup or mug.

87 Holmes Street, Brunswick

Lune Croissants

Lune Croissants is a bakery born with the sole purpose of crafting perfect croissants. They are perfectionists and it shows, taking things to the next level with their Lune Lab which
concocts new sweet and savoury flavours for you to sample in exclusive dining experiences. Try their ham and cheese croissant with shaved ham, Swiss Gruyere and seeded mustard with a long black. The perfect way to kick-start your day.

119 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Rustica Sourdough

Rustica believe in locally sourced ingredients, ensuring their products benefit farmers and contribute to the community. Knowing your money is contributing to sustainable produce is satisfying in itself, but starting your morning with a freshly baked Rustica croissant and a cup of Rumble Coffee definitely helps.

402 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Gontran Cherrier

Gontran Cherrier’s breakfast menu contains eight croissant options. They’ve got all the classic flavours and offer the choice to slather them in their homemade jam, which is a complete no-brainer if you ask us. Pair your morning pastry with a café au lait and say bonjour to a happy tummy.

140 Smith Street, Collingwood

Woodfrog Bakery

Woodfrog Bakery was born whena team of baking experts got their hands on a vacant ex-furniture store. They’ve since expanded to several other venues across Melbourne, though their original store holds a special sense of magic. Or maybe it’s just their almond croissants and frothy coffees that are spellbinding. Either way, anyone will tell you it’s worth a trip to Woodfrog Bakery.

108 Barkly Street, St Kilda

Loafer Bread

Using only ethically sourced ingredients alongside free-range milk, eggs and meat in all of their products, Loafer Bread ensure their pastries are as high quality and guilt free as possible. Their croissants are buttery bites of heaven that melt in your mouth and only improve when washed down with a cup of joe.

146 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North