Southern Comfort has released two deliciously refreshing new premixed flavours

Southern Comfort has released two deliciously refreshing new premixed flavours

Introducing Southern Comfort’s new HARD range.

Aussies love a good, stiff drink – especially one that we don’t have to make ourselves. With that in mind, Southern Comfort has welcomed two premixed flavours to its offering via its new HARD range.

Inspired by Southern flavours which pair surprisingly perfectly with bourbon, the new range comprises two new fruity options that are sure to pique your interest.

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Punchy with just the right level of sweetness, HARD Peach brings a big burst of flavour, without being overpowering, while Southern Comfort’s new HARD Apple flavour is deliciously crisp and refreshing with a tangy twist.

Designed to offer delicious, easy-drinking options you can cart along anywhere from picnics to parties, no matter the season, these tinnies will have you hooked from the first sip. It’s like bourbon in a party shirt meets a simple cocktail in a can.

What more could you want?

“Flavoured premix beverages have been the fastest growing category in Australia over the last year. Aussies are looking for drinks that seriously deliver on flavour and refreshment”, says Southern Comfort’s Southtrade Marketing Director, Fraser Lockwood of the new HARD range.

“This innovation came from a lot of consumer engagement and the desire to create something that is truly different to the rest of the category,” he says.

Carried by a bourbon blend that has been carefully crafted over 140 years, these two new flavours beautifully complement Southern Comfort’s smooth, iconic American whiskey to create easygoing cans that go down a treat – even if you’re not a big bourbon fan.

Available now in bottleshops and online, this new tipple is just begging for a taste.

So next time you’re feeling thirsty, bypass the beer aisle, forget the Coke and try something new. You can thank us later.

Southern Comfort’s HARD range is available now in most bottleshops or you can find it online at Boozebud