Sound as Soma

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Sound as Soma

The Open Space welcomes you to join us on a pilgrimage into sonic bliss with a powerful Sound Bath experience brought to you by a ten piece sound orchestra. The Soma Ensemble incorporates Singing Bowls, Gongs, Percussion, a range of wind and string instruments, together with several vocalists into a multi-layered musical experience. The focus of the sound immersion is facilitation of a meditation on the chakra system identified within the classical kundalini yoga tradition. This event is a regular fixture at The Open Space, curated by sound artist and musician, Mat Creedon.

You will experience a guided meditation through the seven major chakras via sound and voice, leading to a deep state of relaxation. Specific sound frequencies, tonal systems and the particular resonances of different instruments are combined and curated to inspire a meditative state. Through engagement with a guided processes you will be led into an experience of the individual chakras and their place in the manifestation of creativity and vitality.