Sonic Flight: Brett Ashby

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Sonic Flight: Brett Ashby

Alex Theatre

Inner Essence Live Art & Gallery presents the aura portrait painting on canvas of PETER HITCHENER, OAM (October 7th) and other Special Guests (October 5th and 6th).

Inner Essence Live Art & Gallery presents the aura portrait painting on canvas of Peter Hitchener OAM (October 7th) and other Special Guests (October 5th and 6th), with live music accompaniment by the mesmerising Acaxia.

Ashby’s live painting performance depicts energy, aura and frequency, throughout an hour long event, as he paints while skateboarding on his half pipe. Watch as Channel 9’s own Peter Hitchener OAM and other Special Guests sit behind the easel on stage at the Alex Theatre St Kilda, for their once in a lifetime portrait experience.

Through the curious and powerfully profound combination of art, spiritual wellness and skateboarding, artist and performer Brett Ashby invites you to observe and open yourself up to live painting as an exploration of meditation, colour therapy, self care and wellness. Be immersed in the art, frequencies and soundscapes that bring ancient ritual to contemporary art therapy practices.

Brett Ashby is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, director and author from Melbourne. Ashby’s art practise includes, sculpture, performance, film, painting, music, and major public commissions, framing Ashby as a prodigious figure in the contemporary art world.

Ashby is recognisable for his unique methods of practice employing a skateboard or surfboard as a tool to paint aura. His work is linked through a poetic and intuitive sensitivity to the expressive potential of space, light, colour, context and materials. Ashby (Director) of short film ‘The One I Love’ received 34+ Best Experimental Short Film awards in 2023, from countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Russia and was awarded Best Inspirational Film at the 8 & Halfilm Awards.

Capturing the vibrations and energy within the time and space that he is creating in. The colours in the art align with positive psychology, art therapy, faith and offer healing properties. His work is in various collections worldwide, including Berlin, Texas, Cape Town, Edinburgh, Geneva, Sri Lanka, London, Paris, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Dubai, Tennessee, and many parts of Australasia.