Sonia Serin shares her latest emotional single, ‘London You’re A Thief’

Sonia Serin shares her latest emotional single, ‘London You’re A Thief’

Sonia Serin

Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriting visionary, Sonia Serin, bottles up emotions from many tributaries with her new single ‘London You’re A Thief’. It’s just as reflective of an ex-partner of two years as it is an exploration into the oft-frequented travel pitstop and home, London itself.

As much as the name might portray, the single isn’t about the current imposition of Brexit in the UK and how it may resonate with the rest of the world, but a carrier of heartache and anguish that comes with losing a loved one.

As Sonia explains, “Little did I know from our first date when my ex-partner stated that [it] would be on their cards to live overseas, it was an actual significant ‘alarm bell’ which I had missed. I was far too caught up with the excitement of falling in love, and starting the relationship, not registering the risk of pain, grief and loss that would follow two years later.”

The song also explores the process of moving forward and how that may look different for the two individuals concerned. Melodically, the song comes alongside an eloquent acoustic guitar and trickling piano that bolsters the emotions coating the narrative – Serin’s vocals are soft and vulnerable, shadowing the instrumentals in poignant yet resounding fashion.

It’s a touching work from the singer-songwriter paving the way for plenty of intrigue to surround the artist.

Sonia Serin’s new single ‘London You’re A Thief’ is the fourth track from the album U N R E S O L V E D to be released in August 2019. The single’s film clip is out now on YouTube.