Sodastream : Little by Little

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Sodastream : Little by Little


A friend of mine had a Sodastream back in the day.  By the standards of the era, it was a fun kitchen toy: take tap water, compressed carbon dioxide and a dose of sickly sweet syrup and voila – a sweet fizzy drink.  A couple of years ago we pulled it out of storage and gave it a go.  The results were unimpressive, like searching nutritional value in a Sunnyboy or dramatic tension in re-runs of A Country Practice.

Sodastream haven’t released a record for a while.  Over ten years in fact.  Yet Sodastream’s new record, Little by Little, shows no sign of age.  It’s folk that avoids shoving a periscope up its whimsical fundament, social reflection that eschews philosophical pretension, careful orchestration devoid of artistic indulgence.  Colouring Iris is the love poem we all tried to write in our youth, but could never transcend the barrier of psychological frustration, Habits is the closest thing to genuine Australian country folk that need ever be heard and Three Sins takes you down the road to purgatory and leaves you in a place of enlightenment.  Letting Go is a thing of horn-filled splendour; Moving is a journey that you never want to end.  The sonic confusion of Tyre Iron is confronting, On Stage puts a skip in your step and the Theremin-spiked Saturday’s Ash is hauntingly beautiful.

Sodastream never went away.  They’ve just been hiding.  Little by Little is as fresh and vital as anything Sodastream did back in the day.  Welcome back.

By Patrick Emery