Soccer Mommy channels her best John Hughes for new LP

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Soccer Mommy channels her best John Hughes for new LP


‘Still Clean’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Skin’ are just some of the songs off Sophie Allison AKA Soccer Mommy’s new album Clean. The record sounds like the soundtrack to an aesthetically pleasing high school movie as it sheds light on relationships, self-confidence and insecurity. 

The vocals are soft and sweet and here they’re accompanied by acoustic guitars that linger in the air, accommodating the beautiful stories conjured by Soccer Mommy herself.

But as the stories continue, you soon realise that the lyrics aren’t sweet at all, making each track hauntingly beautiful, as you pay closer attention to each word that drips with emotion and imagery.

‘I want to be the one you miss when you’re alone,’ she sings in ‘Skin’. Soccer Mommy’s simple words hold a sweet sincerity that make you melt. This ten-track album is the perfect way for Soccer Mommy to welcome in 2018 – here she’s proved that she is definitely an artist to look out for this year.