Slow Waves Swing Into Melbourne

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Slow Waves Swing Into Melbourne


Sydney band Slow Waves are touring Melbourne next week! Head to The Old Bar in Fitzroy or Pony to listen to their live mix of delta blues, jazz and rock & roll.

Cutting their teeth in Sydney’s inner-west, modernist blues trio Slow Waves are swinging into Melbourne next week for two nights of downright downtrodden rock and roll.

Slow Waves toy with tried and tested blues forms to create music that is simultaneously nostalgic and unrecognisable, not unlike artists like Neil Young, Howlin’ Wolf, and PJ Harvey.

Touring with a swag of new material and some fresh DIY recordings that draw from early delta blues, swing-jazz and even grunge-rock, the band’s live show has become more and more rambuctious and off-kilter.

You can catch Slow Waves in Melbourne at The Old Bar in Fitzroy on Thursday February 10, with Rich Davies & The Devils Union, Fairy Tails, and Saint Jude. Tickets are $10 at the door, 8pm.

Or head to Pony on Saturday February 12, where Slow Waves will play with Howl at the Moon, The Bluejays and The Medicators.