Slipknot are as tenacious as ever on ‘We Are Not Your Kind’

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Slipknot are as tenacious as ever on ‘We Are Not Your Kind’

Words by Rhys McKenzie

Another admirable addition to the group’s discography.

In the belly of the beast that is Slipknot, We Are Not Your Kind has been awaiting its chance to be unleashed.

I didn’t come this far to sink so low” is a proclamation made in the record’s first single ‘Unsainted’. It becomes apparent that this song is perfectly placed at the beginning of the album so that the band can get on with not sinking so low and, more so, rising above any indicator of being dragged down.

We Are Not Your Kind is a clear shift from Slipknot’s previous album .5: The Gray Chapter, moving from modern heavy metal back to their groovy and brutal roots, with only mere sprinkles of their contemporary flavour. This is seen on a lot of tracks, such as ‘Birth Of The Cruel’, ‘Critical Darling’, ‘Solway Firth’ and ‘Orphan’, with the latter containing a whole six minutes of drumming bliss.

The album is also rather surprising, with tracks such as ‘Spiders’ and ‘The Liar’s Funeral’ standouts for songwriting, instrumentation, and vocals.

Feeling like a call back without being banal, in addition to standing as a fleshed-out group effort, We Are Not Your Kind is a solid brick in the Slipknot discography.