Sjaella: Nordic Night

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Sjaella: Nordic Night

Internationally acclaimed a cappella ensemble Sjaella take audiences on a stunning journey through the ethereal sounds of the night-time.

Step into the atmospheric world of Nordic Night as internationally acclaimed a cappella ensemble Sjaella, takes listeners on a journey through the ethereal sounds of the night-time. Embodying a blend of youthful exuberance and refined artistry, their performances in renowned music festivals such as the Rheinghau Musik Festival, Budapest International Choral Celebration, and the Festival of Flanders are a testament to their reputation as one of the most captivating vocal ensembles of our time.

Drawing inspiration from the natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes of the Nordic region, Sjaella traverses contemporary and Baroque compositions with enchanting folk songs from northern Europe.

Experience the luminous dance of the Northern Lights, as Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo takes audiences to his homeland. Immerse yourself in Meredi’s poignant serenade, Crystallized. Be enveloped by Henry Purcell’s Spirits of the Night as it casts a vivid depiction of the nocturnal world, coaxing clarity and warmth.

Settle under the twinkling stars, as Ēriks Ešenvalds’ enchanting piece for voice and wine glasses invites listeners to delve into the mind of Knut Nysteldt’s Sternenseherin, where a heartfelt admiration for the starry sky is revealed.

Sjaella curates an unforgettable musical experience where the majesty of natural wonders and mythological tales intertwine, where early and contemporary music harmonise, and where the rich tapestry of northern European folk songs unites cultures and hearts.