Six classic board games to play when you get your mates around this weekend

Six classic board games to play when you get your mates around this weekend

Words by Emily-Layne Kapetanovic

You can’t beat these classics.

Now that you’re allowed to have up to five people around to your house, a board game night is definitely on the cards. From Monopoly to Trouble and Cards Against Humanity, here’s a list of some classics to have in the bank before your mates come around.


This one has a very simple concept, get all four of your pieces around the board before anyone else does. Easy right? Wrong. Trouble brings out the competitive side in absolutely everyone, from your loudest friend to your quietest one. Chances are you’ll be trying to form alliances with your friends in the hopes that they won’t send you back to the start.


A classic family favourite that seems to always end up in tantrums. You’ll need a bit more time for this one but Monopoly is unrivalled when the contest gets going. There’s nothing more liberating than when you lump those hotels on and start your stretch from Regent Street to Park Lane and watch everyone squirm as they come around to the last leg of the board.

Pictionary Air

Most classic board games have been redone at least once through the years – Monopoly has Monopoly Millionaire and Pictionary has Pictionary Air, among others. The difference between the latter two is that you don’t draw on paper but use air as your canvas using a pen synced with the Pictionary app. You’ll not only end up laughing at all the bad drawings but can access hilarious instant replays of your mates scribbling away. It’s an all-round good time.


Scattergories is an all-time classic. Roll the dice and match words that start with the rolled letter to the printed category card. The categories could be as regular as ‘movie titles’ or as obscure as ‘things that you find in a desk’ – the game caters for quick thinkers. You’re bound to get a few interesting answers that might or might not count – will your competitors let it fly?

Cards Against Humanity

Although this may or may not be categorised as a “board” game, we couldn’t leave it out as it’s a catalyst for a whole lot of laughs. If you don’t know about Cards Against Humanity you’ve probably been living under a rock because it’s become one of the most popular games in recent years. Find out which of your friends is the most politically incorrect whilst also getting a good laugh.

Escape Room: The Game

Considering the escape rooms probably won’t be open for a while, why not do the next best thing – play Escape Room: The Game. Navigate your way from (imaginary) room to room, choosing the difficulty based on your room-escaping ability. It’s a good one to get everyone thinking, plus it’s a massive relief when you work out the last challenge and get the hell out of there. You only have one hour to complete it so you’ll have to work together if you want to beat the clock.

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