Singles With Lachlan: Jarrow, Parliamen, and Kylie Minogue

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Singles With Lachlan: Jarrow, Parliamen, and Kylie Minogue


Single Of The Week

Jarrow : Emoji

Completely here for wonky autotune vocals over acoustic chords. In fact, I’m fairly certain I’ve fantasised about it for some time. It’s everything, but it’s only a small, beautiful piece of the ‘Emoji’ puzzle. It’s full of tricks, none of them cheap. Or maybe they’re knowingly cheap. “I’m a privileged piece of shit in a queen-size bed”. The riffs are sick. Not only that, their ‘90s-ness is actually contextualised for modernity. It goes with the theme of the song. Nostalgia’s the means, not the end. Simple! I’m even willing to overlook the clunking use of “charismic” belted out in the hook. If it’s there just to do my head in, mission accomplished.  

Parliament : I’m Gon Make U Sick O’me

I love this. P-Funk is my all-time favourite musical entity. Which doesn’t mean I’d automatically, or atomically, dig this, the first new song under the Parliament umbrella in 36 years. But I do. The bass is filthy, the P-Funk legacy here (too overwrought in Scarface’s guest verse, but who cares), George Clinton on lead vocals, 50 years after he started the band, and rarely did lead vocals in that half-century. And you know what? He sounds fucking great.


Kylie Minogue : Dancing

Look this is bad but it could be fully redeemed by a stripped-back, pure country rework without the tropical house trappings.