Sensory Journey at Diamond Lab Project 2023

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Sensory Journey at Diamond Lab Project 2023

Internationally acclaimed artist Ryan L Foote, returns with the highly anticipated free immersive food art project, Diamond Lab, from 21–30 July 2023. This signature dessert-art experience will immerse participants in an extraordinary sensory journey that blurs the boundaries between art and gastronomy.

Diamond Lab will present visitors with a sensory menu of whiskey, chocolate, and other culinary delights that embody the spirit of innovation, embracing the intersection of cultures and flavours that define Australia’s culinary landscape. This reinvented Diamond Lab will also be the first time that Foote will be bringing his sculptural 3D printed chocolates; Chocolates by Ryan L Foote business from Hong Kong to Australia to be part of this unique dessert art pop-up experience.

Taking place in the enchanted confines of the historical Union Bank on Chapel Street, Diamond Lab offers visitors an immersive experience inspired by Australia’s historical gold rush and recent iron ore boom. The installations capture the cultural and financial prosperity bestowed by these significant events while simultaneously paying tribute to Australia’s future wealth, embodied by its talented artists, designers, chefs, and local wares.