Sekala Niskala Exhibition

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Sekala Niskala Exhibition

Garden of Edan by Kuncir Sathya Viku, 2023, acrylic, in on Kamasan canvas

Footscray Community Arts and Project 11 present Sekala Niskala (The Seen and Unseen) – a free exhibition from five contemporary Balinese artists who push traditional boundaries.

Sekala Niskala features works from Agus Saputra, Kuncir Sathya Viku, Ni Luh Pangestu Widya Sari, Satya Cipta and Septa Adi, all of whom have mastered elements of Balinese craftsmanship and style of Batuan painting, Rerajahan drawing and Kamasan painting.

This exhibition celebrates the continuity of art styles based on Balinese Hindu belief and local influences within a contemporary context. The artists’ explorations in the belief of Sekala Niskala pushes the boundaries of traditional art practices not only through their technique, but most importantly through their modern-day, and at times, disruptive and unconventional subject matter.

Presented in collaboration with Project 11, the exhibition includes opportunities for audiences to join in the magic of Sekala Niskala through Line Drawing and Linocut Workshops run by the artists. On 22 April, participants can learn the art of line drawing and painting as well as basic carving and printing using classical Balinese art techniques.