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Second Idol

Join Second Idol (NSW) as they return to Melbourne for the first time in two years to celebrate the launch of their new single ‘Boxing Ring’. With special guests Gush and Linen.

“BOXING RING is a reflection on being a woman in the music industry. It can be a fucking circus. It’s informed by the barriers women in music face. It’s about our aspirations, dreams and struggles. That women, non-binary and trans musicians are often treated as diversity trophies, novelised, and not taken seriously. We’re constantly pitted against each other and cut down. It feels as though we’re thrown into a boxing ring with each other, fighting for scraps, where often the more femme-presenting individual wins and men leer from every corner. Join us in the ring to fight our way out.”
– Kate (vocalist/guitarist)

“The band explodes with raw honesty, exposed nerves, and the kind of grit that makes diamonds look soft.” –
” The quartet thrive with their potent new release, with the compelling lyricism and lush instrumentation of Boxing Ring ultimately emerging as a knockout winner.” – Tiana Speter (



Second Idol is known for emotive performances drenched in venom and melancholy, and unleashing a fusion of alternative rock, goth, grunge and post-punk influences. Informed by feminism, queerness and cross-cultural identity, the band transverses concepts of power, gender and otherness. Founded by vocalist and guitarist Kate Olivia, Second Idol has risen to be a ruthless and unapologetic voice and leader within the Sydney scene.


Heavy shoegaze from Melbourne.

A band from Naarm, Aus.