Scott Was Here: Willebrant’s latest album is as introspective as it is reflective

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Scott Was Here: Willebrant’s latest album is as introspective as it is reflective

Scott Was Here, the latest album from Melbourne/Naarm-based bassist and producer Karl Willebrant, is out on Bandcamp today.

Inspired by the work of Australian photographer Ida Halliday, Scott Was Here is a series of nine contemplative and reflective vignettes that captures the solace of a deserted space. Creating an intimate atmosphere through a lo-fi production style and the organic quality of Willebrant’s instrumentation provides a raw and authentic sound to the album.

Scott Was Here is out today on Bandcamp, with a limited run of CD packages available from Shady Ridge Records Bandcamp, featuring prints of Ida Halliday’s photographic work. Scott Was Here is available on Spotify from March 3, pre-save the album by heading here


  • Willebrant has released his latest ambient album Scott Was Here
  • Inspired by Australian photographer Ida Halliday’s work, the lo-fi production of Scott Was Here captures the contemplative solace of an empty space
  • Scott Was Here is out today, February 24 

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With the album evoking the feeling of desolate landscapes, Karl Willebrant says “the intention is that someone was once here and has since moved on, leaving behind a sense of yearning for a bygone time”. 

The album fits right in with today’s political climate, as the ousting of the most recent prime minister has brought a much-needed sense of calm across the nation. 

Produced and engineered by Karl himself, the album is a unique blend of sounds, including acoustic guitars, ukulele, fretless bass, piano, synths, household foley and even his beloved dog, Luna. The album was mastered by Hadyn Buxton, who mixed and recorded for renowned composer and pianist Luke Howard.

Willebrant’s Scott Was Here is out today, February 24. Check it out on Bandcamp by heading here.

This article was made in partnership with Karl Willebrant