Sarah McLeod announces new Wild Hearts video

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Sarah McLeod announces new Wild Hearts video


Sarah McLeod the front woman of The Superjesus dropped her album Rocky’s Diner earlier this year, in August. It’s the Aussie rocker royalty’s first solo album in twelve years. She has just announced Wild Hearts as her latest single, a stunner of a track and a fine example of her storytelling abilities. The very same storytelling abilities that had fans hooked from the start of her career. The song is simple and driven by the narrative, with a beautiful sound of a single voice and a guitar before the arrangement bursts into full rock-band mode.

“I wanted a lead who could show fulfilment within a scenario that to most would appear to be failure,” says McLeod. “I was going to start by describing what my character was, but then I decided rather to describe what she wasn’t, and let the listener imagine the rest. I was imagining a woman around my own age, not oblivious to the world around her but not an active participant either.”

The video for Wild Hearts has also just dropped, capturing nostalgic moments in time through simple beauty. The film clip features buskers and her dog, Chachi in which McLeod has created a time capsule of a moment in her life.

“The clip is about depicting the beauty in what appears mundane. Observing people in the street connecting with each other, finding joy in simplicity”

Her national tour for Rocky’s Diner has been announced, but extra dates have been added due to popular demand and she will perform with Mick Skelton of Baby Animals. Not to mention that her dog Chachi will be coming along on the road with her. Already playing at Pelly Bar on Wednesday October 25, Sooki Lounge on Thursday October 26, and Ballarat’s Karova Lounge on Friday October 27, McLeod will be returning to Melbourne on Wednesday November 29 to play The Curtin.

“I have designed a guitar whereby I can play bass and regular guitar at the same time,” say McLeod. “It’s been a lot of trial and error because I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it seems to be working now.”

McLeod found fame in the 1990’s with her three-time award winning rock band The Superjesus. She is a recent inductee to the South Australia Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.