Sample homemade delicacies from refugee and asylum seeker chefs at Free To Freed’s Winter Feast series

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Sample homemade delicacies from refugee and asylum seeker chefs at Free To Freed’s Winter Feast series

Free to Feed
words by staff writer

Melbourne's beloved social enterprise, Free to Feed, is back with a bang as it announces the revival of its much-loved 2024 Winter Feasts Series.

Following a resounding success, this eagerly anticipated event promises to once again captivate audiences with a culinary journey like no other.

From June to August, Free to Feed will play host to a series of thoughtfully crafted feasts, each one a testament to the vibrant tapestry of cultures that call Australia home.

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Nestled in the heart of Fitzroy North, attendees will gather in the enchanting art-deco venue to indulge in an array of flavoursome delights, lovingly prepared by individuals from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

Prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure as you savour treasured family recipes hailing from North & East Africa, Ukraine, Iraq and Iran.

From the tantalizing Smoked Eggplant Babaganoush to the aromatic Somali Goat Curry, every dish tells a story, offering a glimpse into the rich heritage of its creators. And let’s not forget the Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls and the decadent Vyshyvanks shortbread cake, ensuring a feast for both the palate and the soul.

But the Winter Feasts Series is more than just a culinary escapade; it’s a celebration of resilience, community, and the power of shared experiences. As part of Refugee Week, Free to Feed will host ‘Ghorbeh,’ a special storytelling event where individuals from asylum-seeking backgrounds will share their poignant tales of loss, belonging, and the transformative impact of community support.

Loretta Bolotin, CEO of Free to Feed, encapsulates the essence of the Winter Feasts Series. “Our kitchen is a melting pot of cultures, where recipes transcend mere ingredients, and stories bind us together. These feasts are a testament to the beauty of diversity and the warmth of human connection,” she said.

Following the overwhelming success of the Summer 2024 series, tickets are expected to sell out fast. Secure your spot at one of Free to Feed’s Winter Feasts events today. For those wishing to spread the joy, there’s also an option to donate “Pay it forward” tickets to members of Free to Feed’s refugee community.

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