Ru.CL : Brimstone & Fire

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Ru.CL : Brimstone & Fire


Rueben ‘Ru.CL’ Campbell’s could be seen as a victim of his own diverse talent and an ill-equipped industry. Debuting with 2005’s Straight Down The Line, the Jamaican-Australian MC emerged at a time when urban music in this country was only just finding its feet. His maiden voyage, which melded his Caribbean roots with boom-bap, failed to gain the momentum anticipated. Too unfocused to fully satisfy a particular audience the album didn’t fully capture the dynamics of Ru.CL.

After steady gigging and working with production phenom Katalyst, he’s regrouped and is ready to tackle his second solo record.Brimstone & Fire for the most part lives up its title, coming out the gate with the triumphant opener The Force. On Goodlife he pays respect to Aussie hip hop pioneers like Def Wish Cast and DJ Krissy. The bouncy, dub-infused Rearrange and the tribal flavoured title track are possibly his finest roots ‘n’ rap fusions, showcasing his unique style.

Much of the rest of Brimstone & Fire however finds him trying to prove his hip hop stripes with rather limp rhymes over solid yet forgettable beats. The overall presentation is more polished and his passion is palpable but something is missing. If Ru.CL can direct his creative energy he would be a force to be reckoned with.

Best Track: These Are The Days

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In A Word: Developing