Rone has a new pop-up installation in Melbourne

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Rone has a new pop-up installation in Melbourne

Relive 2021’s exhibition Rone in Geelong at a new, free pop-up installation in the city. You will find the free Tableau of Without Darkness There is No Light in front of Arts Centre Melbourne.

Back in 2021, the Geelong Gallery hosted the wildly successful Rone In Geelong exhibition, a comprehensive survey of street artist Rone’s work over two decades, tracing the evolution of his Jane Doe motif into states of greater realism, painterly technical proficiency and larger scale murals.

The exhibition, which attracted more than 42,000 visitors to the local gallery, was a celebration of the artist’s large-scale wall paintings over the past two decades, alongside a new immersive installation and it exceeded expectations from locals and tourists near and far.

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Now, while Rone celebrates his latest installation Time in Flinders Street Station’s mysterious ballroom, the Geelong-born artist is resurrecting his beloved Geelong exhibition and currently running a free pop-up installation in Melbourne’s CBD.

Located at the Forecourt of Arts Centre Melbourne, the free installation Tableau of Without Darkness There is No Light is from the 2021 exhibition, Rone in Geelong. The pop-up offers a look into the highlight of the Geelong exhibition, which saw Rone exploring themes of beauty and decay and responds to the history and architecture of the building itself. Working with interior stylist Carly Spooner, RONE transformed one of the Gallery’s most significant rooms into a derelict site, incorporating his signature painted murals featuring an aloof-looking woman, furniture that has been destroyed and torched, and a haunting new soundtrack by composer and collaborator Nick Batterham.

“For those unfamiliar with my work, the nature of the works disappearing, or being visible for a fleeting time, is a core part of my practice,” Rone says of the pop-up.

“We’ve popped up an intro to my installation work as a Tableau of Without Darkness There is No Light (from Rone in Geelong 2021).”

The pop-up will be on view from now until 26 February 2023 at the Forecourt of Arts Centre Melbourne.


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For the unacquainted, Rone, whose full name is Tyrone Wright, is a Geelong artist best known in Geelong for his ‘Geelong Silos’ installation that saw the iconic cement works on McCurdy Road in Manifold Heights covered with a trio of stunning portraits. Despite the cement works having been demolished since, Rone has been hard at work on various other ‘portrait-on-wall-of-dilapidated-building’ type projects.

He expanded his work into doing full-room installations, such as ‘Sub Rosa’ (2020), which whilst featuring his signature wall-sized painting, is surrounded by a carefully selected and curated collection of objects.

Just recently, Rone revealed his most ambitious building takeover to date with the unveiling of Time, an extraordinary and transportive immersive installation comprising eleven transformed rooms across the hidden upper level and ballroom of Flinders Street Station. All set within a mid-century time capsule, the art experience like no other opened its doors in October and will be on show until Sunday 23 April 2023.

Tickets to Time are on sale now. For more info about Rone, head here