Rolling Holy reveals bubbly ’60s psych-pop single, ‘Snakes And Ladders’

Rolling Holy reveals bubbly ’60s psych-pop single, ‘Snakes And Ladders’

Words by Tom Parker

The song comes alongside a B-side cover, ‘All The Love In The World’.

Sydney’s Rolling Holy have just released a new single, ‘Snakes And Ladders’, boasting a B-side of ‘All The Love In The World’ – a cover of the beloved 2005 Nine Inch Nails track.

‘Snakes And Ladders’ is a joyous ’60s psych-pop number that brings to mind kaleidoscopic contemporaries Babe Rainbow and Morgan Delt. Lyrically, the song is about avoiding temptations of negativity, holding a grudge and tall poppy syndrome.

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Initially devised in reverse, where the bubbly, upbeat instrumentation veiled a cynical and bitter storyline about the desire to see others fail, John Cotter, the Sydney-based musician behind the project, decided to flip things around.

Now the song’s a pillar of positivity pairing optimistic lyrics with effervescent musicality.

The Nine Inch Nails cover on the flip side of the release was chosen in partnership with ‘Snakes And Ladders’, mirroring the hopeful narrative while also standing as a tribute to one of Cotters’ all-time favourite albums,¬†With Teeth.

‘Snakes And Ladders’ is the third single from Rolling Holy. After releasing their debut release in December 2020, ‘Euphoria’, the band followed with ‘Now I Know’ – a cosmic feast of alt-country guitars and psychedelic groove.

If it wasn’t already apparent, Rolling Holy sees Cotters engage his curiosity for ’60s psychedelic music, something forged from time spent growing up in his father’s record store.

With interest in psychedelic music a constant on the Australia music circuit, Rolling Holy should quickly feel at home on the local scene.

Check out the new video for ‘Snake And Ladders’ below.

‘Snakes And Ladders’ is out now. For more on Rolling Holy, head to their Facebook page.