RISING: Real Lies

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RISING: Real Lies

This event is part of the 2023 RISING Festival.

Real Lies are vocalist Kev Kharas and musical mastermind Patrick King. Kev’s half-sung, half-spoken narration has a rambling passion that’s been compared to Springsteen, while his deadpan wit’s been likened to Jarvis Cocker. He’ll wax poetic about missed rent, instant barstool chemistry, working up a sweat to chart-toppers, and staying up late with The Fall.
Then he’ll drop a line as perfect as:

“This world our ethos built, hard work big stress. But your still dressed to kill and leave others with the mess”.

Meanwhile Patrick King evokes the euphoria of Underworld and the Pet Shop Boys smudged with the grime of Burial. One for the dawn-lit ravers, and hopeless romantics.