Review: Lano & Woodley are still the grand masters of comedy

Review: Lano & Woodley are still the grand masters of comedy

Words By Luke Carlino


If Melbourne were to erect a Mount Rushmore-like effigy purely for its comedic talent, Lano & Woodley would be the main faces carved into it. They are not only Australian comedy royalty, but two local heroes we must protect at all costs.

If you, like me, grew up with them on your TV constantly, the nostalgic joy of seeing the duo all these years later, still on top of their game, is possibly too much to handle.

Try keeping up with the erratic spontaneity in the new self-titled show, and you’ll have yourself an enjoyable time. It’s hard to tell if a single second of the act is planned, or if Colin and Frank’s comedic timing with one another is so refined that any situation thrown their way can be turned into comedy gold.

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This is proven by the way they can make something as simple as a couple going to the bathroom or an adoring heckler into a five-minute barrage of hilarity that is unlikely part of the script.

You go to a Lano & Woodley show to hand over your car keys and let the duo bounce off one another as they drive you to the end curtain. Add in a roll of gaffer tape, a poorly-constructed bunch of Bunnings’ tables and the best slow-motion tennis replay of all time, and that is all you need for one of the funniest nights of your life.

Lano & Woodley’s act gets better with age as the two comedians, hilarious in their own rights, combine to be a cohesive unit that clearly understands how to make one another the funniest versions of themselves.

It’s been 12 years since Lano & Woodley have performed together, but it is made very clear from the opening seconds that time is irrelevant when these two friends stand on a stage. Their act is a well-oiled machine, with every spur of the moment or planned idea perfectly executed. 

If we are lucky, Lano & Woodley will keep performing together for as long as physically possible. One of the finest comedy shows I’ve ever seen, this review is either pointless or impossibly tasked with conveying any sense of what you could expect to see at this show. Just rock up and brace yourself for the chaotic hilarity that will inevitably take place.

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