Review: Beddy Rays captivated punters at The Croxton Bandroom

Review: Beddy Rays captivated punters at The Croxton Bandroom

Beddy Rays
Credit: Beddy Rays
Words by Saskia Morrison-Thiagu

The Beddy Rays were a highlight among highlights at The Croxton Bandroom last Friday for their ‘On Ya Bike’ tour.

The four boys hail from Reddy Bay in Brisbane, which makes their band name make a whole lot more sense. Think surf-rock meets pub rock, the Beddy Rays’ sound is distinctly Australian and that’s what makes them so popular.

Opening for Beddy Rays were Gold Coast punk outfit Radolescent. This new wave punk band certainly gained a few more fans after Friday night’s gig, as punters bobbed their heads up and down in unison throughout the set. Memorably, lead singer Isaac belted the whole set wearing a pair of orange sunnies, so you’ve really got to admire his commitment to fashion.

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Self-proclaimed “trash pop” duo Sophisticated Dingo were on next and brought a great energy to their 50-minute set. It’s hard to look away from Jimmy and Lew, who make every track look so fun and effortless.

At 10:30pm the Beddy Rays consisting of Jacko (Guitars/Vocals), Lewy (Guitars), Brad (Bass)) and Benny (Drums) appeared behind a big red curtain and after two years with virtually no gigs, the theatrics of a curtain opening really gets me all hot and bothered.  It seemed like punters were just as keen to get back into live music too, as the crowd immediately started thrashing around. As exciting as bashing into people is, it’s always important to show good mosh etiquette and make sure people aren’t getting caught in something they don’t want to be in. There were definitely a few moments where I had to pull women towards the front.

Aside from that, the energy was definitely electric, and everyone seemed to be having a ball. Judging by the number of people in a party shirt and cap, I would say there were a few Queenslanders in attendance. It almost feels illegal to travel interstate after all the border closures we’ve had to endure, but how nice is it that you can now see a gig in another city if you’re feeling so bold.

Throughout the set, the Beddy Rays played a mix of old and new tracks. The boys opened with 2021 hit ‘Wait A While’, followed by a couple of songs from their 2017 EP, exciting die-hard fans. Punters were also treated to a cover of ‘Better in Blak’ with the help of Quandamookaby woman Maibre Grenfell. The song was originally by Gamilaraay woman Thelma Plum, which the boys from the sunshine state performed last year for triple j’s Like A Version.

The Beddy Rays are the epitome of good summer vibes, with their surf-rock vibe and catchy lyrics. Despite their upbeat vibe, the band doesn’t shy away from hard-hitting issues in their lyrics – like breaking out of a rough patch in new track ‘Milk’. During one powerful moment, Jacko gave a heart-felt performance of ‘Brin’s Song’ in dedication to his sister, who sadly passed.

In true rock style, the Beddy Rays came back for two more songs after the audience demanded an encore. There’s no doubt that these legends will be back in Melbourne for many more tours in the years to come.

Highlight: When the Beddy Rays covered ‘Better in Blak’. I literally had chills.

Lowlight: Trying not to lose my phone in the mosh. Others weren’t so lucky though, as one girl confessed to me in the girl’s bathroom that her friend lost his in the thick of the mosh.

Crowd favourite: Sobercoaster went hard, with the audience screaming “I wanna spend my lifetime, drinking beers in the sunshine.”

To check out Beddy Rays tour dates and all that stuff, head to their website here.