Return to your equilibrium at the Peninsula Hot Springs

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Return to your equilibrium at the Peninsula Hot Springs

Words by Arielle Richards

There’s nothing more restorative than a good, long soak.

Is the biting early chill of autumn already seeping into your core? Same. It may be time for a hot springs day trip, and thankfully winter is the best time for it.

There’s nothing more divine to experience on a cold day than a lengthy soak in the healing waters of the iconic Peninsula Hot Springs.

Less than a 90-minute drive south of Melbourne, the natural thermal mineral springs are a must-visit destination on the Peninsula for restorative, luxurious yet affordable relaxation.

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The springs are estimated to be over ten thousand years old, with water rising naturally from far below below the earth’s surface, heated naturally by its core.

The springs are high in minerals known for health improvement, including magnesium, boron, potassium, and sodium – all of which are naturally occurring in the geothermal waters, not a single additive in sight.

Don your fluffy white bathrobe and stroll around the labyrinthine, leafy facility, discovering new pools and views around every corner. The expansive venue offers several pools of varying temperature, shape and elevation, ensuring a wholly different experience on every turn. The high altitude offers visitors a bathing experience with a view, looking out over the surrounding verdant pastures.

There aren’t just the geothermal pools on offer. A Turkish steam bath will exfoliate, cleanse and refresh your skin, and the daring cold plunge will increase your metabolism and improve lymphatic drainage – just two of more than 30 globally-inspired bathing experiences, all with unique health benefits.

Since its foundation in 1997, the Peninsula Hot Springs has earned its glowing reputation as being one of Melbourne’s best rejuvenation experiences.

Find Peninsula Hot Springs at 140 Springs Lane, Fingal. For more information, including opening times and booking enquiries, check out their website.