Radio Training Institute

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Radio Training Institute


What do RTI offer? Career focused courses that cover all the aspects of the radio industry. Our students graduate our courses highly skilled, multi skilled and career ready.


What skills do you teach specific to the radio industry? We have a large focus on announcing, but we also cover podcasting, creative writing, news, voiceovers, music scheduling and promotions. We cover almost every aspect of the industry.


Can you compare a student that walks into a course to one that has just completed a course? How do they blossom along the way? It’s great to see students build their skills rapidly, but just as importantly, seeing their confidence grow and their passion for the industry intensify, is really rewarding to be a part of.

Podcasting has become very popular of late, can you tell us a bit about the podcasting course you offer? What I love about this course is the cross section of students often with interests outside radio. Our course teaches you all the foundations of podcasting, such as turning an idea into engaging, entertaining content, marketing and promoting your podcast, and how to create a high quality, well produced podcast, on a budget.