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Moving Pictures


Are you excited to get back on the road with the band? As I live overseas, getting back on the road with the band is always an event for me. We love doing this, it’s like breathing for us.

You’re back from Italy, what were you working on there? Living in Italy is great, I have lived for nearly 24 years in London and it was getting way too stupidly expensive. Our children had finished school and moved out, so, my wife (sculptor Sophie Dickens) and I were able to buy a house and studio in Liguria in Northwest Italy.

You developed a project named This Way Into Music. What does the program provide? I have been involved in special education for nearly 20 years. I’m a music facilitator, I work with children with profound and complex multiple needs using music to help them communicate and relate to the world as best they can.

What do you think of Shannon Noll’s cover of your massive hit What About Me? I think Shannon’s a great guy, we have sung it together many times and it’s always a hoot. When it first happened I had no idea. Australian Idol was not played in England and I started to get phone calls from radio and journos asking “What do you think of Shannon Noll?” I didn’t know who the hell that was.

What are the fans going to get out of the tour? We will be playing all the songs the fans love, plus some things we love playing. It’s fun and it’s really important to us.