Quarter Life Crisis

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Quarter Life Crisis


Tell us about your show.Quarter Life Crisis is a 50-minute riot of all too familiar awkward interactions lifted from everyday life. It follows Steph on the eve of her 25th birthday as she tries to navigate her way from coffee to wine without getting fired or revealing her deep desire to bang her barista.


What thrills you about performing?I love that every night is different. I love hearing the reactions from the audience. I love the laughter. I love talking to audiences after the show and hearing their stories. I love that by performing my stories I can start a conversation with audiences about their stories too. 

Can you share a moment you have always remembered?
When I performed in Adelaide, I had this woman in the front row one night who was answering all these rhetorical questions in the show and then spent the whole show saying, “OMG, that’s me” and “holy shit, I do that”. It was wonderful. 

Describe your show in three words: Unrestrained dancing greyhound.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year at the festival? Katilyn Rogers and The Travelling Sisters. And also a bunch of stuff that I don’t know about yet. I love meeting people at the festival and just going to see their stuff. I’m yet to be disappointed by using that strategy.