Q&A: The Likely Suspects

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Q&A: The Likely Suspects


What’s your name and what do you do in the band?

Bob Crain, and I sing, play guitar and write songs.

Define your genre in 5 words or less.

Hate the term but INDIE FOLK ROCK, if you must.

What do you love about making music?

Everything really, but since musically I come from a place long ago and far, far away when the music delivered a message, I really love my little journey trying to bring a bit of that message in the music back to the surface.

What do you hate about the music industry?

The Voice, the ‘idols’, the ‘judges’ and mostly the idea that you can create an idol on TV via a phone poll, WTF?


What’ve you got to sell CD-wise?

I have a new solo CD titled Humanology 101 which The Likely Suspects along with some other fantastic musicians and vocalists helped me out on. It is available ‘pre-release’ on my website: bobcrain.com.au.

When’s the gig and with who?

Thursday July 19, 8pm at Gertrude’s Brown Couch in Fitzroy. TASTY TRIOS is the event; our little collective of trios will be playing on the night. So it’s Chambers, Temple Of Tunes and us. All of these bands really put in to make it a great night of original music.

Why should everyone come and see your gig?

They should all come out to enjoy an entertaining and diverse night of original music from three very cool trios – acoustic, electric, vocals, alternative, indie, folk rock… absolute foot stompin’ stuff, with a surprise ending.

If your music was a chocolate bar, which one would it be, and why?

Interesting comparison. It would have to be a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It’s an American thing: creamy, smooth and tasty with a deep and meaningful message in the middle.

What part of music excites you the most?

Writing a good song and performing it well – on stage, recording, rehearsal, in the shower, wherever.