Q&A: Flyying Colours

Q&A: Flyying Colours


Define your genre in five words or less:

Thrills, action, laughs and tears.

Do you have any record releases to date? What are they? Where can I get them?

We currently have our first single Wavygravy out for free download on our website and bandcamp. We have just finished recording our EP, which is not too far away from being released.

Which band would you most like to have a battle/showdown with?

I don’t really know what a band battle/showdown would involve, but we smashed The Laughing Leaves in a cricket match last year and would be happy to do that again.

If you could assassinate one person or band from popular music, who would it be and why?

I don’t get the ‘Ween’ thing. I don’t really want anyone to die or anything, but if that is what it takes to stop people trying to convert me.

What part of music excites you the most?

Stevie Nicks circa 1975.

What makes a good musician?

Josh lost his virginity while listening to Mr. Bungle, he turned out pretty good.

When’s the gig and with who?

The Fifth Floor Warehouse party extravaganza with The Murlocs, Strangers From Now On and millions more, its going to be ace – get on it!