Puppet Mayhem 2

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Puppet Mayhem 2

From Jim Henson’s iconic creations like Sesame Street and The Muppets to memorable adventures in films such as The Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story, puppetry holds a special place in the cherished memories of many childhoods.

Now, A Blanck Canvas, a prominent Melbourne-based arts company, proudly presents Puppet Mayhem 2—a dynamic showcase of Melbourne’s vibrant puppetry scene and its remarkable evolution.

Puppet Mayhem 2 is a celebration of the magical art of puppetry, featuring a diverse range of puppetry styles.

Audiences can experience the grandeur of large-scale technologically advanced chassis puppets skillfully operated by ten performers, delicate marionette string puppets as they gracefully dance across the stage, and the playful antics of the mischievous suit puppets.

Puppet Mayhem 2 also includes a Puppetry Museum with carefully curated pieces from Australian television, film and stage shows. This event truly represents the breadth and creativity that puppetry offers.

As an official part of the renowned Fringe Festival, Puppet Mayhem 2 will unfold over four nights on four stages. In addition to the captivating puppetry acts, attendees will be treated to stage shows, live musical performances, and a selection of food trucks. A licensed area will also be available. Puppet Mayhem 2 will take place from October 19th to 22nd, between 4pm and 10pm, at the picturesque Seaworks in Williamstown. Tickets for this highly anticipated event can be purchased at $30 for adults and $20 for children exclusively through the Fringe Festival’s ticketing website.

This event has been made possible by the Hobsons Bay City Council’s “Make it Happen” grant and The Victorian Government’s Small and Medium Event Program through Business Victoria.