Premiere: Sharl debuts haunting video for Changed Too Much

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Premiere: Sharl debuts haunting video for Changed Too Much

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Catchy, introspective and poppy: Sharl shines with haunting new single Changed Too Much.

Australian indie pop princess Sharl is back with her captivating new single Changed Too Much, the second release from her highly anticipated second studio album, Clichés. This dark and brooding track, produced by Daniel Bohen, combines infectious catchiness with introspective lyricism that will leave a lasting impression. It’s accompanied by a haunting music video premiering today on Beat.

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Changed Too Much delves into the universal theme of growing apart in relationships. With haunting melodies and heartfelt vocals, Sharl’s introspective lyrics reflect her resilience and authenticity, drawing listeners into her emotional journey.

The music video for Changed Too Much masterfully portrays the dramatic shift within a relationship, evoking a powerful sense of supernatural transformation and intrigue. The journey begins in a serene and ethereal light forest, though as the narrative unfolds, the atmosphere gradually morphs into a hauntingly dark and gloomy forest. Evoking the disillusionment and uncertainty that often accompany the realisation of being deceived by someone we thought we knew, this evocative and moody visual representation enhances the impact of the song’s lyrics. Check it out below.

Known for her unique blend of electro-pop beats and melodic storytelling, Sharl quickly rose to prominence with her debut album, City Lights. Garnering attention from Australian radio, press outlets, and international music blogs, Sharl solidified her position as a rising star in the indie pop scene.

Originally from the UK, where she spent her formative years engrossed in music, songwriting, and pursuing a medical career, Sharl’s therapeutic music brings a unique perspective to pop.

Demonstrating sheer talent and unwavering growth, Sharl has blossomed over the past year as an independent artist, unveiling a series of singles, an ethereal and introspective debut album that explores the nuances of coming-of-age, and a collection of visually stunning music videos that showcase her at the peak of her artistry—rejuvenated, confident, and wholly authentic.

In her latest endeavour, Clichés, Sharl fearlessly embraces her artistic evolution. Scheduled to grace our ears this November, the album promises an audacious and innovative amalgamation of electro-pop and K-Pop influences. With ten unforgettable tracks, Sharl delves into the multifaceted realm of love.

The captivating single, Changed Too Much, offers a tantalising glimpse into the transformative musical journey that awaits in Sharl’s forthcoming second album.

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