‘Pop-punk with balls’: Finger Tight drop two new tracks

‘Pop-punk with balls’: Finger Tight drop two new tracks

Finger Tight

The Auckland quintet package love, loss and childhood trauma in relentlessly catchy hooks.

Hot off their debut album, Burst, released this year, the Finger Tight boys are showing no signs of slowing down and are now working tirelessly to break into the Australian market.

Their two new tracks, the aptly titled ‘ineedsomespace’ and ‘Polar Bears & Party Chairs’ (featuring Jame) both delve headlong into the band members’ personal space. 

What you need to know

  • Finger Tight are a new New Zealand pop-punk band fresh off their debut album
  • They’re releasing two new tracks, ‘ineedsomespace’ and ‘Polar Bears & Party Chairs’ (featuring Jame)
  • Influences include The Story So Far, Between You & Me and Avenged Sevenfold.

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‘Ineedsomespace’ tackles the way trauma can evidences itself as self-sabotage, and the impact that can have on relationships. It’s aimed at a live anthem, with gang vocals ending the song in a crescendo. 

‘Polar Bears & Party Chairs’ is about Red’s ‘narcissistic parents’, telling a story about cleaving the family environment.

“These were actually recorded and mixed in my bedroom. I picked up a mic and an audio interface during Aotearoa’s lock down last year, and learnt the basics,” Red says. “The band’s been kind enough to let me record us all, and it seems to be working out well. 

“There’s an overarching theme about that feeling of not being good enough, or of not deserving good things in your life, so you sabotage them…it’s not the funnest stuff to write about, but the aim is that it resonates with someone else so they feel like more than what someone else thinks they are.”

Compared to the likes of A Day To Remember, but more inspired by The Story So Far, Between You & Me, Avenged Sevenfold and MGK, the band say they all have diverse tastes, which is reflected in their genre-bending output.

“Our hopes for these singles is that it puts us on other act’s radars so that when the world opens up again, we’re their first contact for opening acts,” Red continues.

“We’ve got a bank of songs that we’re working on, we love writing music, and we love getting to share that with people, so that’s gonna be top of the list as well. We’ve gotten the hang of the whole ‘band’ thing, so crossing off all the bucket list things like playing at a festival, or doing a music video, sounds pretty fun.”

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