Poliça / s t a r g a z e : Music for the Long Emergency

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Poliça / s t a r g a z e : Music for the Long Emergency


An ambitious record at heart, Poliça have never sounded more free-form while managing to maintain the wooziness of prior releases. However, the record sounds largely confused.

Music for the Long Emergency is filled with interesting tracks with panicked orchestral flourishes which would thematically make sense if the lyrics followed suit. Although an album supposedly about the political climate, it is largely devoid of politics. Instead, it explores themes concerning love and is so clumsily literal that it takes away from the album’s potency.

For the most part, this is a collaboration which lends itself to being heard live. ‘How is this Happening’ with its semi-improvised nature and sparsely arranged orchestration is filled with brooding and ominous motions. This is where the album truly shines – within these anxious spaces of free-form expression. Although intriguing, this album is too sporadic, leaving one with the sensation that these two bands enjoyed collaborating far more than they were interested in making a coherent album.