Parkway Drive retain their monarch status with ‘Reverence’

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Parkway Drive retain their monarch status with ‘Reverence’


Currently sitting on nearly five record releases, Parkway Drive are veterans at what they do. Reverence is the result of that experience, their evolution through their years of performing, creating and refining their music. And it shows in every song.

Each of its ten tracks carries strength and stands out as its own creation, with shared elements such as riffs, choir samples and general instrument work. But that’s just a description of any good album. What makes this some of Parkway’s best work is the raw passion, emotion and maturity that’s weaved into every song. While still brutal in the sense that hearing it will make you want to crowd-surf on a wheelie bin, it shows just how far Parkway Drive have come in every way. The sound is evolved, intricate, and less niche than it was before, and further sets the band apart from their peers.

The newer kids on the block may be doing things differently these days. Hellions rap and have intricate lyrical work. Amity are known for their hard-hitting themes and thundering sound. But Parkway was here first. They helped shape the scene into what it is today.

And by god does Reverence show that they’re still king of the hill.