Parades Tour: Jonathan Boulet Is Really Busy

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Parades Tour: Jonathan Boulet Is Really Busy


This new single from hyped Sydney band Parades proves that Jono Boulet is far too talented for his own good.

 Mr Jonathan Boulet is a young guy with a lot of things to do… 

Between his successful solo project (and their latest hit single You’re A Animal) and his first band, Parades, he also produces for Kyu and other bands in the basement of his mum’s place in the hills of Sydney.

Worst of all he’s a singer, a drummer, a guitarist, a songwriter, a producer and tall and good looking all at once.

He’s not the frontman of Parades, though, just the drummer: but a great one at at that. Their postmodern percussive rock pop is something quite different to your average Top 40 – and their new single Water Stories is fascinating, beautiful and cold, in the best way possible.

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Parades will play The Northcote Social Club on Friday April 15 in their Australian tour. Tickets are from