OPERATOR: International Women’s Day Edition

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OPERATOR: International Women’s Day Edition

Empowering Women in Music: Celebrating International Women’s Day at Ferdydurke Melbourne.

On International Women’s Day, Ferdydurke Melbourne proudly celebrates the remarkable talent and contributions of women in the music industry. This year, we shine the spotlight on four incredible DJs who continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations: SADIVA, NOKIA 3210, MRS WALLACE, and C00KIE.

SADIVA, with her eclectic mix of beats, brings a unique energy to every set, captivating audiences with her dynamic style and infectious passion for music. Her dedication to her craft serves as an inspiration to aspiring DJs around the world, proving that perseverance and talent know no bounds.

NOKIA 3210, known for her innovative approach to blending genres, challenges the status quo with her boundary-pushing sets. Her fearlessness in experimenting with sound and rhythm pushes the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music, earning her respect and admiration from peers and fans alike.

MRS WALLACE, a true powerhouse behind the turntables, commands attention with her unmatched skill and undeniable stage presence. As a prominent figure in the male-dominated world of DJing, she continues to break down barriers and advocate for gender equality in the music industry.

C00KIE, with her infectious energy and infectious beats, creates an electrifying atmosphere wherever she performs. Her ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level through music is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

On this International Women’s Day, let us come together to honor and celebrate these extraordinary women who continue to shape the landscape of music with their creativity, passion, and unwavering determination. Ferdydurke Melbourne is proud to stand alongside SADIVA, NOKIA 3210, MRS WALLACE, and C00KIE as we amplify their voices and recognize their invaluable contributions to the world of music. Join us as we raise our glasses and toast to the future of female empowerment in music!