Oh Boy it’s Jessica Mauboy

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Oh Boy it’s Jessica Mauboy


The New Album: It’s Urban, it’s Pop, it’s Hip Hop and It’s Edgy

A songstress whom always has a beat in her heart and a rhythm in her head, Jessica Mauboy has taken Australian pop world by storm since her appearance and subsequent placing of runner-up in the 2006 series of Australia Idol. Four years later after numerous worldwide hits, a mountain of awards and critically acclaimed live performances, 2010 has seen the Mauboy star rise even higher and she continues to progress, development and evolve as an artist. A modest Mauboy cheerily discusses her meteoric rise, “It was a year of really letting go and going into a different environment. It was a really exciting time and a time of growth. I was really focused and really wanted to make a good album with a good sound and find what I really wanted. Musically I felt in control of everything.”

Returning with her sophomore follow up to 2009’s smash success Been Waiting, her second album Get ‘Em Girls is a fierce record encompassing Mauboy’s finesse as a songwriter and her catchy pop sensibilities. “The album title Get ‘Em Girls comes from the first single I released. I chose that because somehow when I listened back to all of the songs they seemed so strong and confident and about all of the elements of a woman and her power. Choosing the songs was really hard, when I was overseas on my writing trip I wrote about 30 songs and it was really hard to cut it down. I’d listen to each song really hard and I’m very good and choosing my own songs and realising which ones I really want to release” she shares excitedly. “It was a really fun process and working with some of my idols such as User and Mariah Carey was amazing. Along with having artists like Snoop Dogg and Ludacris tell me they really liked my stuff, it’s such an awesome buzz. It’s a really fun album; it’s urban, it’s pop, it’s hip hop and it’s edgy. Overall it’s a more confident album, I’ve definitely stepped it up another level,” she smiles.

Following the success of her September release of the single Get ‘Em Girls, Mauboy is returning with her hard-hitting single called Saturday Night. This is a song which she shares holds great significance and that she wanted to share with the world, “Saturday Night is a really dancey (sic) song. It’s really tough with a club feel; it’s my club anthem for the album. I really love a great club song and this is definitely the only one on the album that really suits the definition. The record label were a little worried about having two features come out on both singles but that didn’t matter to me, it was all about the sound. It was really different and something I really wanted everyone to hear.”

“I love doing the live show and one day I’d really love to just be able to tour and sing all of my songs to all of my fans. My favourite thing to do is the up close and personal acoustic gigs. It’s amazing to be in a small and intimate room with people who love to hear your music and the different styles. I always like to change the beat, the speed and the style of everything I do live. I worked an acoustic version of Saturday Night yesterday and it was just amazing to hear it in a different sort of rendition; really laid back without any bass or and synths,” says a still smiling Mauboy.

Underpinning her love of songwriting is her passionate and soulful performances, emboding her affection for sharing her creative talents, raw emotions and showmanship. “I’ve always wanted to do a full tour and I’m really hoping to one day get around that, but for none I’m really basing myself to just make great music. I want to show people that I can really sing, I’ve never mimed in my life and it’s truly my favourite thing to sing to my fans. Hopefully I can do that very, very soon.” She pauses before sharing her future prospects, “I don’t really have a plan, I don’t base around stuff like that. I’ve got a really great team that support me and it really excites me that they’re on this journey with me. I definitely want to keep singing, keep writing amazing music and continuing to spread my message and my love. I’m really lucky to have everything I’ve got.”

Jess Mauboy’s [AUS] new album Get ‘Em Girls is out now through Sony Music.