Deerhoof Song Premiere

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Deerhoof Song Premiere


It’s called ‘Behold A Marvel In The Darkness’

We’re proud to present to you Deerhoof’s new song from their new record.

It’s called Behold A Marvel In The Darkness. If you want to hear the rest of the album go here.

Satomi of Deerhoof says about this song…

Love grows and fades.
Darkness and shadows of relationships…
High to medium to low..or other direction.
We are emotional sensitive animals.
Surfy melancholic guitar calms the ocean.
Poker face keyboard and cold hearted vocal melodies drift away your tears..float and disappear when time passes.
Smile people! Get busy!"

OK! Anyway, the record Deerhoof Vs. Evil will be released January 25 on Polyvinyl Record Co. and also available on cassette from Joyful Noise.