Not For Humans make ‘darker, sonically heavier’ psychedelic stoner-rock

Not For Humans make ‘darker, sonically heavier’ psychedelic stoner-rock

Not For Humans
Words by Lucas Radbourne

Adelaide’s Not For Humans kick off their new direction with a bang, dropping ‘Lost In The Woods’.

After four years honing their chops performing around the local Adelaide circuit, Not For Humans are taking their stoner-rock in a darker yet explosive direction with new track ‘Lost In The Woods’. 

It’s a story of guitarist and lead singer Danny Bishop’s “eerie misadventure into unknown lands and the story of his escape to safety” and if that isn’t cryptic enough to pique your interest, we don’t know what is. 

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Majorly influenced by bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Violent Soho, Stonefield, Black Sabbath and Nirvana, the band aim to deliver a “palpably moving” on-stage performance, with tracks that easily fluctuate between tranquil verses and full blown fuzz freak out choruses. 

Keen listeners will recognise similarities to their musical idols, but the band say they’re venturing into new territory on the latest release.

“We feel like Lost In The Woods is the perfect way to kick off our new direction,” Danny says. 

“It has a slightly familiar sound to our previous releases but it’s a bit darker in tone and sonically heavier. We’re going louder in the future.

“Our sound is a wild blend of heavy psychedelia, stoner rock and grunge. We like to play fuzzed out riffs and throw some jangly licks in to give a dynamic experience both on stage and on record. 

“We’re always trying to mix things up and work off each other to make something unique.”

Listen to Not For Humans on Spotify here.