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This event is part of Now Or Never 2023.

70 industry leading artists. 12 unique shows. Six iconic Melbourne venues—NONSTOP WKND is the choose-your-own-adventure festival within a festival closing Now or Never with a bang.

Enclave takes over Miscellania, Melbourne’s experimental music destination, with a boundary-pushing line-up of local and international artists for NONSTOP WKND.

Headlined by French-Honduran artist Low Jack, the Paris-based music producer and master collaborator will take audiences on a sonic journey—mutating the strands of industrial, dancehall and experimental into one new whole.

A new collaborative triple threat of noise and bass from Karina Utomo (RINUWAT, KILAT, High Tension), Rohan Rebeiro (MY DISCO), and Joshua Wells (Nerve) will see experimental noise and vocals mixed with live percussion—bringing these leaders in the Melbourne experimental music field together for a performance as a trio for the second time ever.

With a DJ set from Eora’s signature experimental club DJ, D-Grade and visuals from Eek, audiences expect a night of genre-bending performance that challenges them to find relief in chaos and beauty in disorder.