No May-be about it: The Bergy is your one-stop-shop for music this month

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No May-be about it: The Bergy is your one-stop-shop for music this month

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Words by Ewen Stewart

The Bergy Bandroom is a true staple of the Melbourne music scene.

It’s a place you can go on any given weekend and know that something good will be on. This month at The Bergy is packed with talent. Huge shows every weekend, and even some in the middle of the week! Read on to get the downlow on a few highlights from The Bergy Bandroom this May.

Angus Legg

●      Thursday 2nd May

●      With Seb Szabo & Mathilde Anne

Driving guitars and punchy drums are simply the backup dancers to Angus Legg’s euphoric voice, that fights to the front and tells you exactly what it thinks of you. The pop songster will have you on your feet for the entirety of his set. Supported by indie rocker Seb Szabo and the indie-pop of Mathilde Anne.

Portal Gun

●      Saturday 4th May

●      With Milou Moon, Sweet Nothing

Psych rock four piece Portal Gun are gonna send the Bergy Bandroom back in time on the 4th of May with their retro take on the new-age wave of funk and psych music. Launching new single ‘Virtual Reality’, this one’s sure to be a boogie fest. With support from psych-noise artist Milou Moon and synth-dance outfit Sweet Nothing.


●      Friday 10th & Saturday 11th May

This one’s BIG. 90s/00s kids gather round! Aussie fuzz-pop darlings Screamfeeder are back to bring their ever-reliable, beautiful chaos of sound to the Bergy Bandroom for 2 nights at the Bergy. A perfect blend of classic aussie rock, with pure, unadulterated 90s grunge. These ones are sure to sell out, so get in quick.

Seb Szabo

●      Thursday 16th May

●      With Holly Hebe & Janie Gordon

Fresh off winning the Sofar residency program, Seb Szabo is bringing his backyard style shows to the Bergy. Producing music that rivals the likes of Springsteen and Coldplay, the charm and electricity of his set is sure to illuminate the stage. Supported by indie-soul songwriter Holly Hebe and pop-folkster Janie Gordon.


●      Friday 17th May

●      With Ramona Sky, Kite Vendor

Primarily known as an indie-rock outfit, thedelirious. have made a shift on their newest single into a heavier, shoegaze-y sound – still the familiar floating vocals and guitars but with a darker undertone that drives the band into a new soundscape (very cool, just to clarify). Supported by funk-rockers Ramona Sky, who are known for their enigmatic live shows and quartet Kite Vendor, who emit the influence of bands like Beach Fossils and DIIV effortlessly into their music to create their unique dreamgaze sound.


●      Saturday 18th May

●      With DJ Succulent Funk Duo & TBC

The neo-soul four piece play music that makes your top lip raise on one side and involuntarily make a “euurrghh” sound. The Bergy Bandroom will be a live dancefloor come 18th of May when TAPES light the stage up. The party will go on all night with DJ Succulent Funk Duo kicking the show off and setting the mood early.


●      Sunday 19th May

●      With Kevin Collett

Pop banger pilot WALTA flies her music so smoothly across the plains, even the birds get jealous. Ease into your Sunday night with the upbeat, powerful flow that WALTA emits, giving you the feelings you didn’t know you had. Supported by alt dance-pop artist Kevin Collett, who will float in and put a dance-spell on the crowd.

The Last Martyr

●      Friday 24th May

●      With Ultraviolet, NTH Rd & Nightlight

HOLY HELL! Your face may just melt when you experience The Last Martyr. Their cyber-pop metalcore does not play nice. They play music that feels like a release, but you won’t be feeling empty when you leave The Bergy on the 24th of May – if anything you’ll be craving more. Heavy hitters Ultraviolet, NTH Rd and Nightlight will help that craving, opening the night with a bang!


●      Saturday 25th May

●      With Baby Mullet, Young Offenders (SA) & Operation Karma

Destrends unique genre of music seems somehow so nostalgic but like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Blending elements of aussie post-punk, brit-pop and 80s new wave to a beat that finds the perfect midpoint between Blur and Midnight Oil. Supported by punk rock 3-piece Baby Mullet, post-punk outfit Young Offenders and aussie-punk quartet Operation Karma.


●      Sunday 26th May

●      With Saving Face & Fallweather

Australian metalcore force Bloom are set to launch their album “Maybe in Another Life” at The Bergy and this one will be MASSIVE! High energy, melodic music that flows through you like water but at the same time hits you like a ton of bricks. The room will be rocking, definitely come knocking cause you don’t want to miss this one. With support coming from melodic hardcore groups Saving Face and Fallweather.

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This article was made in partnership with Bergy Bandroom.