No Blank Stares

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No Blank Stares


What are the key influences that informed your show? 

Articles from Cosmo and Vogue, especially when it comes to snagging your dream beau on Tinder. The incredible ads from anything American Apparel have made a really big impression on us too – we certainly won’t get some of those steamy poses out of our minds anytime soon. 

Why should someone come to your show?

Well, we’ve done a lot of research into maximising Tinder profiles, so if you want tips to get fingers waggling when your profile pops up definitely book a ticket or two. Overall there’s a bit of fun, a lot of flirt and some fabulous dance happening before your very eyes. What’s not to like? 

What was the rehearsal process like? 

Fun and a bit different for us. We’ve done a lot of reading online, a lot of sexy posing and finding out ways to really accentuate the body. Long sessions of selfie taking and mirror posing have definitely been the highlight. Coming home with sore lips from pout-smiling is accompanied with a real sense of achievement.

How does your show challenge audiences? 

The show provides a yo-yo of emotions with audiences. We’re subverting known content in relation to the objectification of women in advertising and everyday sexism in the online dating realm. It’s a hilarious look at these sometimes disturbing social norms.    

What motivated you to put this show on? 

When I first started making the work I had a text conversation with a friend that resulted in a massive misunderstanding of each other, so I started looking at the conventions of instant messaging. Then I became interested in how this convention applies to the online dating world – the games and manipulation of character related to how men and women are expected to behave in this forum.   

How does your show push the envelope in terms of creativity and convention? 

This show is a fantastic collaboration of sound, dance and pop culture references. It addresses current social issues using cleverly worded text, delivered by six fabulously sassy MacBook laptops. 

Venue: Fringe Hub: Arts House – Warehouse

Dates: September 16 – September 23 (except Monday)

Times: 8.15pm (Sunday 7.15pm)

Tickets: $13 – $17