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What is your show about?

The acclaimed Australian play Bombshells by Joanna Murray-Smith is about six different women living on the edge as they desperately, yet humorously, attempt to balance their inner lives with their outer worlds. Directed in a new format by award-winning artist Kaarin Fairfax, it has been produced by The Dog Theatre at Wick Studios as part of our Wick Fringe program.


What do you love about Melbourne Fringe Festival?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people, support the independent program and sector, and experience exciting, new and innovative works across a wide variety of mediums. Also, some mates are incredibly disciplined, so it’s the perfect time to snag everyone for some party-fun time at Wick Studios – The Dog Theatre’s stunning new kennel in Brunswick.


Why should someone come to your show?

To drink in some great writing, support awesome emerging artists, and in-turn benefit other outcomes programmed by The Dog Theatre at Wick Studios for Melbourne Fringe. Despite the challenge of what we have built, we’re not only desperate to hold a mirror up to society, but also for the new vanguard of underdogs and fringe-dwellers in local performing arts.


How does your show explore Fringe’s theme of stepping into the light?

We’re simply saying hello to Fringe. The cast is an emerging ensemble called Roare, and since finishing my entertainment management degree, this is my first foray into producing a play. It’s a bright moment for The Dog Theatre since our sun set in the West at The Dancing Dog Café, and we just love our new joint. Wick Studios is also a sparkling new facility – and the word’s out now, because it’s our first crack as a new venue for Melbourne Fringe.


Venue: Wick Studios  – Studio A

Dates: September 22 –September 27

Times: 7.30pm (1.30pm & 7.30pm Saturday and Sunday)

Tickets: $15-$25