New Egyptian Cinema At ACMI

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New Egyptian Cinema At ACMI


Winds of Spring: New Egyptian Cinema screening from Wednesday December 8- Saturday 18 this year presents a vibrant piece highlighting the revolutionary events of Tahrir Square. Representing new Egyptian Cinema is celebrated Egyptian born writer Yousry Nasrallah’s Scheherazade Tell me a Story and one of Egypt’s well known screen writers Mohamed Diab’s award-winning drama Cairo 678. The two pieces portraying modern women in Egypt is told through the tale of Hebba (Mona Zakki) a popular television host whose existences is threatened by the collision of politics and her marriage in Nasrallah’s piece and the ongoing struggle of three women who are drawn together battling harassment in Diab’s drama.

Alongside the two, Hesham Issawi’s second feature Cairo Exit explores an inter-religious relationship tested by the choice of whether to flee with a lover or stay in the slums with family, and Ahmad Abdalla’s latest film Microphone exploring the return home of a young Egyptian man after man years abroad. Microphone marking Abdalla’s second feature film is set to be a hit amongst the films as it received several awards including Best Arabic Language Film at the Cairo International Film Festival and the Golden Tulip at the Instanbul International Film Festival this year.